Broad Street Media, LLC, provides local news to communities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We strive to be “hyperlocal” which means providing news pertaining to a town, village, or other small, geographically defined community. We aren’t striving to compete with the larger newspapers like the Philadelphia Inquirer. Instead, we want to provide information that is too specific for larger news sources to cover, but essentially important to our readers.

We won’t be the newspaper you turn for the latest about a breaking story. We want to be the newspaper you turn to find articles that are important enough for you to clip out to hang on your fridge or save in your scrapbook.

While other news sources are trying to reach as broad an audience as possible, we are trying to narrow our focus to the community which we serve. We don’t want a large circulation, we want the right circulation.

The most important person in our company is the one that reads our newspaper.