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A mini series ex­plor­ing the top places to sweat and fit­ness trends in Fishtown and the River Wards.

Take a seat and sweat: A view of Ciclo on Frank­ford Av­en­ue in Fishtown be­fore the may­hem of a spin­ning class. MARY ELIZA­BETH SUL­LI­VAN / STAR PHOTO

If you’ve already fallen off the New Year’s res­ol­u­tion band­wag­on, read on. 

Take it from me: You’re not alone, and I feel your pain. My 30-day clean eat­ing plan was more like a 10-day plan. But, it’s a new month, and there is plenty of help to get you back on the right path, right here in Fishtown. 

Over the course of the next month or so, I will be ex­plor­ing the many fit­ness gyms, classes and op­por­tun­it­ies right here, along Frank­ford Av­en­ue and bey­ond. River Wards res­id­ents are lucky to live in such a fit­ness mecca, and I’m happy to ex­plore, on the read­er’s be­half, to find the best deals, the new­est trends, and the places that will make you sweat.

This week’s art­icle fo­cuses on one of my fa­vor­ite activ­it­ies, and it’s offered in two loc­a­tions on Frank­ford Av­en­ue: spin­ning. 

Spin­ning is not your av­er­age bike ride. Spin­ning is a fast and in­tense workout that in­volves your core, legs, and something I didn’t real­ize un­til I took my first class about a year ago: listen­ing skills.

Styles of spin in­struct­ors vary, just like the ac­tu­al bikes and playl­ists in the classes they lead, but they have one thing in com­mon — listen­ing is key. 

In­struct­ors guide you through your ride with vary­ing com­mands, as the mu­sic bumps through your ears. There isn’t much time to de­cipher what they’re say­ing, let alone con­vince your body to sit back down, jump back up, or fol­low their “non-ne­go­ti­able sug­ges­tions,” as one in­struct­or puts it.

Don’t be dis­cour­aged, this is a learned skill and takes at least a few classes with each in­struct­or you come across. But it’s worth it. 

Spin is an awe­some way to burn cal­or­ies and work up a sweat. I guar­an­tee that even those people who “don’t sweat” will walk out of the class drip­ping.

And as I men­tioned be­fore, spin is offered in two loc­a­tions: City Fit­ness and Ciclo. 

Here’s a run­down of both loc­a­tions:


At Ciclo, new riders get their first class free, and after that, the more you buy, the cheap­er the classes get. Right now, first time mem­bers can sign up for just $75 for their first month. Oth­er­wise, mem­ber­ships run around $125 per month. Plus, Ciclo of­fers oth­er ran­dom dis­counts throughout the year in­clud­ing their First Fri­day $5 Com­munity Ride.

At City Fit­ness, you can’t pur­chase in­di­vidu­al classes, however, they do of­fer a free 7-day tri­al pass to new mem­bers that in­cludes classes. City Fit­ness of­fers a vari­ety of monthly mem­ber­ships in the $60-70 per month range. 


I didn’t have much time to get used to my bike at Ciclo, but I didn’t need the time. I ad­jus­ted the height on the seat, tightened my handle­bar, and I was off and rid­ing on one of their 15 bikes. Plus, com­pli­ment­ary wa­ter bottles and soft tow­els made my ride even bet­ter. 

With 24 bikes, City Fit­ness is still break­ing in their new equip­ment. I’ve no­ticed that some bikes are creaky, handle­bars aren’t al­ways easy to ad­just, and straps on the cages don’t quite stay tight. These are small is­sues, and the bikes that are work­ing cor­rectly are beau­ti­ful. They have free tow­els, too, but they could use a little fab­ric soften­er. 

In­struct­ors & Staff: 

Every in­struct­or I’ve en­countered at both loc­a­tions has been noth­ing but friendly and help­ful. Some are softer and lead you on your ride over steep hills with words of en­cour­age­ment, while oth­ers growl in your face. Still, oth­ers lit­er­ally turn your res­ist­ance wheel up for you if you’re ped­al­ing faster than they’d like you to. This is a per­son­al pref­er­ence, but growl­ing in my face will al­ways make me push a little harder.

What’s Next: 

At Ciclo, stay tuned for a ‘Ride and Re­new’ col­lab­or­a­tion with neigh­bors Grace and Glory yoga, where par­ti­cipants will ride for 45 minutes, then walk down the street for a 45-minute yoga class. Plus, the base­ment is be­ing ren­ov­ated in or­der to give more space for in­teg­rated combo classes, in­clud­ing a class called ‘Spin & Booty Burn.’  

Come spring­time at City Fit­ness, se­lect spin classes will be taken out­side. The gar­age door in the spin room will open out to a second floor patio, and they will lit­er­ally hold spin classes on the rooftop. Pretty cool.

And fi­nally, some Words of Wis­dom from Melissa Gy­uraki, spin in­struct­or at Ciclo: 

“Be pa­tient. Just listen to your body, and don’t com­pare your­self to oth­er people. It’s your ride, it’s your bike.” 

For de­tails on events and hap­pen­ings at The Loc­al, vis­it Lu­lulem­on Fishtown on Face­book. 

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