Buzzin’ with Patti Star

Pa­tri­cia (Patti ‘Star’) Buz­ine is a Star ad rep­res­ent­at­ive who lives in Port Rich­mond.  


Looks like this one is on us — When our back al­ley light was out, it was re­paired by the city. I was ex­tremely happy be­cause a dark al­ley is a breed­ing ground for the wrong people.  When I walked up my street and saw our al­ley gate ripped off the wall I thought, holy cra­pola! This def­in­itely is an in­vit­a­tion for the wrong people to stroll through our al­ley no mat­ter how well lit up it is.  A look on the Streets De­part­ment web­site has them deny­ing this is their re­spons­ib­il­ity.  It is the homeown­ers’ re­spons­ib­il­ity.  AAR­GH!  So, here’s my re­quest: Once we get a few es­tim­ates, I guess I’ll be knock­ing on doors for dona­tions.  But, who do we call?  Is a handy­man cap­able of do­ing this, or is it a fence guy, or just a handy and con­cerned neigh­bor?  The gate is there, it just needs to be se­cured. If you are read­ing this and can help out here without knock­ing our socks off, I per­son­ally would deeply ap­pre­ci­ate it and I  know my fel­low neigh­bors would, too.  I’ll be put­ting out some feel­ers with the neigh­bor­hood con­tract­ors, but if you can fix this, please shoot me an email.  I can be reached at pbuz­  Hav­ing the gate back up and se­cured will make the 31xx block of Liv­ing­ston Street feel so much bet­ter.

Stopped in be­cause the door was open — Since be­fore Christ­mas, Brides­burg Pizza has been closed for renov­a­tions.  Well, when I stopped in last Sat­urday, I could not be­lieve my eyes.  New paint job, new floor and the grill and ovens spark­ling made it very in­vit­ing.  What even makes it more ap­peal­ing is the ori­gin­al own­er, Billy Fuss, is back be­hind the ovens.  A few years off do­ing all kinds of odd jobs made Billy real­ize his real call­ing was mak­ing piz­zas and fir­ing up the grill.  “I didn’t real­ize how happy and com­fort­ing pulling out one of my piz­zas was ’till I opened the oven door and there it was, just like I did back in 2008. I knew I was home”.  Billy kept the same num­ber (215-288-7292),  is now open, and look­ing to see old friends and make new ones.  Stop in and say hello and like me, mar­vel at the way it looks.  Wel­come back, Billy. You did a heck of a job.

It’s din­ner and mu­sic with our string band — Noth­ing ex­cites me more then spread­ing the word on fam­ily out­ings that hap­pen right in our neigh­bor­hood.  Events like these are walk­able, have the fam­ily spend time to­geth­er and be­come mem­or­able.  St. Adal­bert Par­ish is hav­ing a fun­draiser on Sat­urday, Feb. 25, from 6 to 9 p.m.  It will have the fine foods of the Din­ner House Res­taur­ant loc­ated on Al­legheny Av­en­ue and the Pol­ish Amer­ic­an String Band will provide the en­ter­tain­ment.  Tick­ets are $25 for adults and chil­dren up to 12 are $10. Why, they will even de­liv­er the tick­ets to your door. Either stop by the rect­ory after Sunday Mass or call Janice at 215-634-1930.  

What a wel­come sight you are — is just how I greeted Ja­izelle Hanna-Stend­ardo when she opened her new store­front loc­a­tion at 3044 Rich­mond St.  Ja­izelle is known for her ex­pert bridal and al­ter­a­tions along with her cus­tom bridal, jew­elry and ac­cess­ory designs among her friends and fam­ily, but now she tak­ing it a step fur­ther with open­ing her store for the neigh­bor­hood.  It’s al­ways so hard to find an ex­pert seam­stress who not only listens to your ideas but makes the ma­gic hap­pen.  Wel­come Ja­izelle and thank you for bring­ing your cre­at­ive tal­ent to Rich­mond Street. You truly are one of a kind!

Last names, I’m lucky I re­mem­ber first names — but, I re­mem­ber the warm smile and shout out I al­ways got when I drove pass the wa­ter ice stand at the Thompson and Ontario loc­a­tion. It was none oth­er than Wa­ter Ice Terry.  Terry hasn’t lost any of her won­der­ful per­son­al­ity and I was very im­pressed how she made the lobby of the Nativ­ity Seni­or Apart­ment Cen­ter look so fest­ive at Christ­mas time.  Terry told me she now has taken on the sec­ret­ary post for the Friends of Camp­bell Square.  Con­grat­u­la­tions and I know you will do your best along with the oth­er vo­lun­teers to keep our park look­ing in­vit­ing and spec­tac­u­lar.

Un­til next time, stay reachin’ for the stars!

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